We believe that the right
nutrition in early life improves
the wellbeing of babies and
parents around the world

Human milk is the best
nutrition for infants

Human milk provides the optimal nutrition for infants.
It offers perfectly balanced nutrition, naturally
meeting the needs of growing infants in the first
months of life. At Advanced Lipids, we are inspired
by human milk research, continuously studying its
composition and nutritional value.

Leaders in innovation
for infant nutrition

INFAT®, a high sn-2 fat ingredient for infant formula, has been
in the market for more than a decade. The manufacturing of
INFAT® is based on a patented enzymatic process and is
carried out in a state of the art oils and fats manufacturing
facility in Karlshamn, Sweden. Advanced Lipids is constantly
working on scientifically based innovative ingredients to
support our customers in the market.

The joint venture
that works for you

We work hand in hand with our customers every step of the
way and offer uniquely comprehensive and effective
solutions that include high quality production, clinical
research, marketing expertise and customized solutions.

Let’s work together!

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