Increased Fat and Calcium Absorption

INFAT® reduced saponified fatty acid
excretion, suggesting that it supports fatty acid
absorption and calcium intake.

Helping babies grow: the link between fat, calcium absorption and healthy growth

Typically, babies triple their weight and double their height during their first year. Such rapid growth requires a high-fat diet, with frequent feedings and efficient fat and calcium absorption. Human milk is the natural and optimal form of nutrition for infants up to 5 months of age. Infants require bio-available sources of energy and nutrients to meet the requirements for their rapid growth, development and expanding skeletal mass.

INFAT® containing infant formula increases fat absorption and calcium intake

Infant formulas containing INFAT® increase fat absorption and improve calcium intake, for strong and healthy bones, and proper growth. In a double-blind, randomized, controlled study, the effect of INFAT® was tested on the calcium and fat excretion in 171 healthy term Chinese infants. The study results show that the stool dry weight and the saponified fat* content of the INFAT® group was lower compared with that of the control group. The study further supports the nutritional importance of INFAT® for infants.

INFAT® mimics the special fat structure of human milk

Human milk is the optimal choice for infants, but when breastfeeding is not practical, the closest substitute is important for an infant's comfort, health and development.
In human breast milk and in most infant formulas, the fat, primarily triglycerides, provides about 50% of the calories that are needed for healthy growth.
Triglycerides in human milk are special as the fatty acids are bonded in a unique order which cannot be found in other types of oils. One major fatty acid in human milk, named palmitic acid, is mainly (70-75% of it) located at the sn-2 position. This typical structure called sn-2 palmitate, is responsible for some of the superiority of human milk.
INFAT® is an sn-2 palmitate fat ingredient that mimics the composition, structure and benefits of human milk fat.

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